Increase conversion and sales, build great relationships.


Visitors can start a chat from your website or mobile app

Engage them from any channel in one dashboard. Never miss a chat again!

Proactive Invitations

Power of proactivity

Use proactive invitations to invite visitors to chat when they are interested, or have questions while browsing. Proactive invitations are an effective way to boost your revenues.


Carefully crafted dashboard lets agent handle more chats.


Fully responsive

Works in all modern browsers.

Type Insight

Know the question before it's even sent

Respond even faster since you know what messages your visitors are going to send.

Quick Response

Boost productivity

A quick response lets you send a commonly used response by entering only a short command.

Visitor Info

Get a better insight into what visitors are doing in real time

Deeper understanding of your visitors leads to better conversion and revenues.

More features

There are a lot of features that will make your experience better.


Customer relationship management

Mirachat + a CRM system is the best way to let you keep track of customers and build a relationship over time. Mirachat integrates well with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, Highrise, etc., and lets you keep all your conversations with customers so that your team always knows when issues arise.


Get to know what’s in the cart

If agents know what’s in their customer’s cart, they can cross sell or up sell better. Mirachat integrates well with Magento, the most popular eCommerce solution on the Internet.


Engage customers in your favorite IM tool

Agents can chat with their customers in their favorite IM tool. Mirachat integrates well with almost all XMPP clients, like Apple Messages, Adium, Psi, etc.

More Features

Feature overview

  • Mobile and web

    Mirachat allows visitors to send chat requests from both mobile apps and web sites.

  • Simple

    Mirachat can be set up in mobile or web in minutes.

  • Whatsapp like chat

    In apps, customers can send text or audio messages to agents, like using Whatsapp.

  • Visitor info

    Agents can view visitors’ information like country, time on site in dashboard.

  • Rating

    Visitors can rate agents based on their service quality.

  • Typing insight

    Agents can view visitors’ message being entered, before it’s sent, which boosts agent productivity.

  • File transfer

    Agents can transfer files to visitors.

  • Quick response

    Quick response allows agents to send a long message by entering only a short phrase.

  • Away mode

    Agents can set their status to away. This is helpful when an agent does not want to take more chats but still want to finish current ones.

  • Departments

    Agents can be grouped into different departments for chat routing and easy management.

  • 3rd party integrations

    Mirachat integrates seamlessly with 3rd party services, which adds more value.

  • Triggers

    You can set up custom rules to let Mirachat perform actions for you when certain events happen.

  • Intelligent chat routing

    Our chat routing engine will route incoming chats to agents with fewest chats.

  • Chat transfer

    A chat can be transferred from one agent to another.